Second Cohort of Student Journos

The New Mexico Fund for Public Interest Journalism’s spring interns completed and published a cover story for the June 19 edition of The Santa Fe Reporter.

In "Roadmap to Resilience," local student journalists explored the vision from the Santa Fe Community College to imagine and bring about a future that's less destructive and more sustainable. The project was created in a collaboration with the school's Trades and Advanced Technology Center, and was partially funded through a grant from the City of Santa Fe's Children and Youth Commission's Innovation Fund. 

Over the last eight years, the community college program has established multiple degree and certificate programs in emergent fields such as biofuels, controlled environment agriculture and green building. Approximately 450 students are enrolled in the center's various programs, where instructors emphasize hands-on learning and ingenuity.

Student interns spend six weeks with veteran mentor and educator Julia Goldberg, learning journalism skills on the ground. The six-week training includes two weeks of classroom training consisting of two two-hour classes; two weeks of field work for reporting with the student working independently in the field for at least one week; and two weeks of writing and editing with the student working in consultation with the program’s mentor for planning and editing. 

Our third internship/mentorship project starts in the fall, and applications will open later in the summer.  Support the next group of students with a donation.